8. The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath)

Well, first off I am a shitty writer who can’t stick to my routine. I don’t know, I wanted to be so many things but maybe I’m too lazy 🙂

I have been meaning to read Sylvia Plath’s work for a long time and I’m glad that I finally get to read it.


The Bell Jar, her only novel which was published under pseudonym Victoria Lucas right before her untimely death in 1963 and finally published under her own name in 1967 is about this young girl named Esther Greenwood, who was depressed and have insomnia with a tendency to kill herself. She finally fights off the depression but for how long?

We all get depressed about something or another at some point in our life. Now is kinda, the point of my life, but reading Slyvia’s book, I felt better. It had that  therapeutic feeling about it. But not until you finished reading the last page. I don’t know why but I felt something lifted off of me the moment i finish reading the book, and i felt better. It was a hard read but like every book, I recommend you to read it. Though most of you must’ve read it already.

Happy Reading.


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