7. The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

With internet, music and videos, its been a distraction to me while reading books as an ebook but I managed to finished “The Great Gatsby”, which kinda make this book, my first ebook that I actually finish reading. Well, congratulation to me.


F.Scott Fitzgerald did a fine job with “The Great Gatsby”. Written in 1925, sold around 20,000 copies in its first year, Fitzgerald died thinking his book failed in 1940. During the World War II, the book revived and became one the greatest work of American Literature.

The book is narrated by one of its character Nick Carraway, and its about a mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, who did everything to get back Daisy Fay (Cousin of Nick), his Love. Finally getting killed.


The one thing I really love about the book is that, its only 150 or so pages long. For someone who wanted to read lots of book, a short and a powerful story, really helps. Well, if you love classic, romantic and a bit of craziness then I recommend you to read “The Great Gatsby”.



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