1. Interview (Jill Sanders)

Jill Sanders

Jill Sanders, the author of the Amazon Bestseller “Pride” Series. Her debut novel, “Finding Pride” was shortlisted in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013. She survived 80’s pop music and life as an identical twin in a chaotic family of nine. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, relocating to Colarado for college and successful IT career at IBM in Boulder. She now lives in charming rural Texas

Lasting Pride

As part of her “Lasting Pride & Secret Seduction Blog Tour” i happen to get a chance to interview her through email. Its an ending of her “Pride” series with “Lasting Pride“, a novel about a thief on the street of Portland and after costing her the lives of her friends, she finds herself on the other side of the law.


And the beginning of a new “Secret” series with “Secret Seduction“, a novel about a simple girl whose life was completely changed after her family secret was exposed, and leaving everything behind to travel to a places she’s only read about, to find a father she’s never known.


Booksayear: Hello Jill, first of all how are you?

Jill Sanders: I’m doing great. I’m excited about the release of my first book in my new romantic suspense series and look forward to seeing people’s response.

Booksayear: Who inspired you to be the writer you are today?

Jill Sanders: I’ve always wanted to write. I had a few teachers in school that said I had a knack for telling a good story.

Booksayear: That’s nice. Okay, The first story you have ever written?

Jill Sanders: I wrote a short “novel” in 5th grade. Okay, I can’t really count that one, but in my head that is where it all started. I didn’t publish my first book until Finding Pride last year.

Booksayear: What was it about?

Jill Sanders: Finding Pride is a story about an abused woman who gets a second chance at love.

Booksayear: How helpful were your family with your decision to write?

Jill Sanders: Very! My twin sister has been the one to push me from the start. She’s the reason I put Finding Pride up on Amazon and she is my ultimate beta reader.

Booksayear: Congratulation on your success with the “Pride” series. Tell us what “Secret” series is about?

Jill Sanders: The Secret series is about romance, steam, excitement, suspense, and as always happy endings.

Booksayear: We always love happy endings. As an writer, interecting with your readers. How important is that?

Jill Sanders: I LOVE interacting with my readers. The first thing in the morning, I login and read new reviews, I like them all. The good and the bad. It tells me what I need to work on and what people enjoy about my books. I enjoy chatting on FB and in GoodReads and Twitter.

Booksayear: Okay, now a question that every one wanted to ask to a published writer. Ever had a “writer’s block”?

Jill Sanders: No, I have times when life gets in the way with normal things, but when I sit down to write, it flows. I do spend a lot of non-writing times thinking about my stories and this helps when I do actually write.

Booksayear: How will you deal, if you had a problem?

Jill Sanders: If I did have problems, taking a walk with my husband usually helps. He is a great person to bounce things off.

Booksayear: And finally, what advice would you give to young writers out there.

Jill Sanders: First, don’t give up. Keep writing. Second, get an editor right away. I put Finding Pride up before it had gone through any edit process. I was naive in thinking I could simply upload a new version and Amazon would push it to buyers. I think there are still people out there that haven’t hit the update function.

Well thats it, Its Jill Sanders everyone. do check out her book at:

for Lasting Pride:

Barns & Noble: http://bit.ly/125MnOu
for Secret Seduction:



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