6. Inferno (Dan Brown)

Was I lucky? I bought this book for just 250 INR (4.21 USD).


I have never seen a book with such an amazing cover art. The annoying thing is I still couldnt figure out who drew that amazing art (if anyone knows, then please enlighten me, ok?).


Dan Brown’s plot never disappoint but him turning Robert Langdon a tour guide for most of the part is a bit annoying. Sometimes I wonder whether the Florence Tourism paid him to write the book. Anyway the book is based on the intrepetation of Dante’s book “The Devine Comedy” and Botticelli’s painting “Mappa Dell’Inferno”.



The book is full of riddles, statues, paintings, churches and lots of running. Well, thats Dan Brown for you. The plot changes dramatically at the end that you just stop reading  for a moment and thought “he never disappoint”. No No, I am not gonna write the plot here and spoil your reading and if you read it then you know what I’m talking about.


Beside the annoying tour guide mode, this book is worth it. Buy the hardcover if you are planning to buy. A beauty, both outside and inside.



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  1. The US version has a better jacket art in my opinion, but that was before I saw the cover art of this one. I was like OHHHHMAAAAIGGOOODDDDDD when I saw the stunning art of this one. It was an insta-regret. (The US version’s inside was pure black).

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