5. Highway 39: Journeys Through A Factured Land (Sudeep Chakravarti)

A highway through Assam, Nagaland & Manipur. Manipur’s lifeline, a troubled highway of India. Highway 39 (AH 1).


This is a book about Sudeep’s journey through these states. Mainly, Manipur & Nagaland. The book focus on the conflict within these states and the whole Mainland/NorthEast conflict. I actually bought this book year before ‘Che in Paona Bazar’ and read it right after I finished ‘Che’.

In the first chapter itself, Sudeep recalled a story about a girl named ‘Apenyo’. The story gave me chill right down to my spine. It was horrifying and traumatized me for weeks.




He get to the roots on how revolution came about in North-East India against the ‘Mainland’ India. The hatred for Indian Army in particular.


There’s so many stories that is horrifying just like Apenyo’s. Notably, about

Sharmila: A young woman, when she started a decade long hunger strike against AFSPA and still counting.

Y. Vandanshan Lothe: A son of Naga freedom fighter, who lost his daughter, crippled another and nearly wiped out his entire family by Mortar, fired by an Army following an ambush.

And Vidyarani: A little girl of 11yrs old, who was abducted and kept in custody by Police because they cant find her parents.

And many more………


Thank you Sudeep for writing this extraordinary book on NorthEast India and sharing the story to the world. I recommend everyone to read it.



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