4. Che in Paona Bazar (Kishalay Bhattacharjee)

This book is probably the first book I bought about North East India after ‘Highway 39’ and which is written by the so called “Mainland” Indian.

I found out about the book when I saw a poster in a bookstore, my first impression was that, its about the man in the cover with Che Guevara’s philosophy. I was wrong.


I enquired about it and got to know that the author himself is coming to Imphal for a formal releasing. I didnt get to meet him but a fren of mine got the author signed it for me.


The book is about the so called conflict between ‘Mainland India’ and ‘North-East India’. And within North-East. The way he told the story is a bit disappointing. It story doesnt flow, nonetheless its an interesting read.

The most interesting thing is the character “Eshei” a fictitious character conjured by the author to give us a point or two through her (her point of view). A fictitious character in a non-fiction book is a bit strange though.


Anyway, beside that non flow thingy its a good read. I do recommend it.
Good Day.




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