3. The Sense of an Ending (Julian Barnes)

You don’t get it. You never do.”

Well I never get it too. At the end I do get it but this is a Man Booker winner book so, it did twist my mind a bit. Its kinda a book that made you think of the ending by yourself. It makes you an author, of the last plot of the book.

I always love a book that twisted your mind, makes me feel like the author himself.


Julian Barnes is a well know author, a winner of Man Booker Prize, but I never knew him before I read the book. And the funny thing is that I thought Barnes is a women. When you read books, you always need to know the gender of the writer. It makes imagination a lot clearer.

The book is divided into two part, and its being narrated by Tony Webster after he retired. Recalling his past in two part. Tony himself, Adrian and Veronika are the lead character in his story about love traingle, suicide and a very bizare relationship. I highly recommend, if you havent read it.

Good read.


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